D&D Tactical Solutions   
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Welcome to our new site!

This is what we do, we are NOT involved in any other industry nor do we work this as part time supplemental gig!

D&D Tactical Solutions is a working shop. We provide General gunsmithing, repairs, restorations, refinishing  ,customizing, race guns and carry packages.   We also transfer from online vendors or place orders direct with manufacturers, eliminating the guessing game of Distributor re-supply and back orders. Anything the "chain" stores have, we can get!

We have a large network for obsolete and hard to find, out of production parts and if we can't find it, we can probably make it!! Just ask!   

D&D Tactical Solutions can meet or beat all major competitors prices, allowing our customers to save more on the bottom line. Please call us before your next purchase!

D&D Tactical Solutions

CURRENT LEAD TIMES as of July  1, 2017 : Restorations 12 weeks plus, Refinishing 4-6 weeks, General Repairs about 3-4 weeks, this depends on condition of gun, availability of parts and fitting and testing etc. Some repairs can take 6 plus weeks, so be prepared. 
Effective Immediately, We will be closed Sundays.
New Business Hours:
Backlog is keeping us pretty busy, any drop offs or pick ups are by appointment only until further notice. Most Saturday's we are at Rod's Guns & Tactical in Marion, stop by and say hello!


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